Hardie Grant

AstroBirthdays: What Your Birthdate Reveals About Your Life & Destiny

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Begin a journey to self-discovery through astrology, numerology and Tarot, guided by the bestselling Seeing Stars author, Stella Andromeda. 

Each of the 366 profiles incorporates astrological insights, numerology and a Tarot card reading specifically selected for that date. 

Learn to understand how you respond to life and its challenges, what predisposition you may already be aware of or what will be revealed as you mature and the way you approach your closest relationships. 

AstroBirthdays provides intriguing birthdate information not just about you, but also about partners, family, friends and work colleagues. 

Author: Stella Andromeda. 

ISBN: 9781784884598. 

Format: Hardback. 

Pages: 384. 

Dimensions: 21cm x 16cm. 

Published: 11 November 2021.